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3 Things To Avoid Before Training

Health and fitness can be complicated at times. People voice their opinion daily and sometimes, they are wrong.

Eat this, drink that, exercise only this way etc etc. It all gets a tad tedious doesnt it? Sometimes you can be so overwhelmed with information that it distracts from actually training intensely in the first place.

Here we offer you the advice on things you definitely should avoid doing before you train, so you can focus on having a great training session that ultimately helps you get closer to achieving your goals.

1: Eat The Wrong Things Before Training

Let’s keep this simple. Eating a bucket load of carbohydrates before you train will make you feel sluggish which doesn’t bode well for an awesome training session. Eating a high fat meal requires a longer digestion time than other macronutrients so you should avoid that too. Aim to consume some protein before you train with carbohydrates depending on your training goals.

If you are aiming to lose body fat, we would avoid a carbohydrates before training as they tend to blunt the optimal fat burning effect by raising insulin levels.

No, it isn’t that technically that simple, but it does mean that carbs pre-workout are usually an unwise decision if fat loss is your goal.

It is also worth noting that timing of your food is important too. To digest your food properly, you need your blood to be going to the digestive system in order to help break down the food. Once we start training, the blood will head straight towards your muscles, leaving that food you just ate sat right in your gut and of course, not being digested. This will make you feel sick! Take home message; give yourself ample time to digest your food before training.

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2: Static Stretch

Stretching is a controversial topic in the fitness industry. To make it clearer, it all depends on the type of stretching performed.

Static stretching before a heavy session has actually been proven to decrease performance and tends to stretch your muscles much further than you actually need them to be stretched.

To prepare your body for a physically demanding training session, dynamic stretching or mobility has been shown to have a greater positive impact on power and muscle strength than traditional stretching methods.

3: Sleeping For Too Long

Too much sleep can (believe it or not) cause problems when working out, especially if you wake up feeling groggy and in a rather ‘relaxed’ state of mind. We always advise to try and go to bed and wake up at the same time for a beneficial effect on health and how you consistently feel.

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If you are training in the early morning, ensure your have had a good amount of sleep without hitting the snooze button. If you really have to hit the ground running as soon as you wake, spend a little time getting mobilised as discussed above. You will feel 100x better.

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