Sussex Performance Centre

4 Week Workouts For Home, The Gym & To Improve Mobility

At SPC we like to give our members extra workouts to do alongside the sessions they already perform in our facility.

Please find below (available for free download) three 4 week workouts that focus on improving your mobility, increasing your strength in the gym and a simple home workout for those of you that struggle for time on a consistent basis.

All workout templates come with video tutorials of each exercise

Mobility workout

Mobility is one of the most overlooked areas of someone’s training regime. Incorporating basic exercises into your weekly schedule will improve how you move on a regular basis and during your ordinary workouts. Perform this training session at home on day’s in between your normal routine.

Download the SPC Mobility Workout

Gym workout

We often get asked for extra workouts our members can perform when they are not in the SPC building. This workout is designed to provide you with a full body approach to fitness, incorporating upper body, lower body and core.

Download the SPC Gym Workout

Bodyweight workout

Sometimes you just need a quick workout to fill in the gaps in your busy life. A bodyweight workout ticks those boxes. With no equipment required, this workout comes with a progression of sets and reps over a 4 week period. A great option to include alongside training at SPC.

Download the SPC Bodyweight Workout

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