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5 Fat Loss Mistakes Women Make

Quite a lot of the time, it could be the things you don’t think about that are the biggest barriers to you losing fat. Are you making these mistakes?

Eating Diet Foods

Technology has created all kinds of diet foods that are largely devoid of sugar, calories, certain nutrients, and of course, taste.

Here’s the problem: Since these foods are invariably missing something, they leave you unsatisfied and craving more food. They may be able to fake out your taste buds, but they can’t fake out your body.

The best course of action is to focus on real food. For example, stuff that doesn’t come in a box.

It’s true that many of these foods contain added nutrients, but for all our recently acquired knowledge of calories, vitamins, phytochemicals, anti-oxidants, and the rest, we’re not that much better off because we’re really not much healthier.

Historically, the societies that hold all the health and longevity records are the ones that rely on real food. These people are largely free of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Learn from them.

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A need to always do Ab Exercises

Over the years and for no real reason, abs have become the most important and most visually appealing metric of fitness, but here’s a secret: Everybody has abs. It’s just the amount of fat covering them that differentiates us.

Regardless, hundreds of women spend most of their training session working them. Yes, these women will burn a few calories, but it’s more likely all that ab work will just make their cores grow thicker, ever so slowly, without them having an visible midsection to show for it.

It’s true you can make the abs more pronounced by working them in an intelligent manner, but infinite crunches and twists and planks aren’t going to make them “come out.”

Instead, cut down on all that ab work. Do some cardio. Do weight workouts that burn fat and build muscle. And most importantly, watch your diet.

Banking Calories To Eat Later

This is how it works; in order to enjoy a guilt-free dinner, you decide not eat during the day so you can “bank” all those calories.

The trouble is, you’re human. By the time you eat at dinner, your blood sugar is scraping bottom and you’re starving. The problem is that you end up eating far more than you wanted perhaps a day’s worth or calories (this can easily be done if you are on a low calorie nutrition plan).

Physiologically, this huge amount of food has created a bucket load of insulin, which ends up ferrying a lot of those calories to storage, i.e. fat.

If you know you’re going to have a rich meal on a given night, eat smaller, healthier meals during the day and avoid the fat gain caused by calorie banking. It never works in the long term.

Eating Mindlessly

It seems the majority of food these days is eaten while being at your desk, talking to colleagues, watching videos or television, reading magazines, browsing the internet, or texting.

Why, most people could polish off a whole bag of biscuits while being distracted by Facebook and not even know what they ate.

This inattentiveness invariably leads to fatness. Eating is not something that should be multitasked. It sounds cheesy, but people should practice “mindful” eating instead of mindless eating.

Devote your attention to the meal in front of you. Pay attention to it. Look at it. Note the colour and smell. Be aware of how it feels in your mouth. Take note of the taste. Chew slowly. Be fully engaged in the act. The end result of this practice, beyond enjoying the food all that much more, is that you eat less because you’re aware of exactly how much food is going into your stomach.

Picking Unrealistic Role Models

If you weight far more than you want to, it’s probably not realistic to pick a Victoria’s Secret girl as your role model.

In our experience at SPC,  drastic changing to someones body might be possible with extreme effort, but it’s usually temporary. The body fights to go back to what it was.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t become the healthiest, most functional, best version of yourself.

A body, no matter what its genetics, if it’s healthy and moves well, has fulfilled its obligation to nature and itself, and that is surely uniquely beautiful. So pick a realistic role model or a realistic weight goal and work steadily towards it. Sure, there will be literal ups and downs, but bulletproof resolve will win out in the end.

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