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“6 Weeks On & I’m 1.5 Stone Lighter”

“I started the nutrition course end of July. I was frustrated with my half hearted attempts to lose weight but never really sticking to it.”

But, it was the additional weight gain during lockdown coupled with ticking too many Covid risk groups that that was the motivator for me.

As I am not a very disciplined person I was not confident I would stick to any healthy eating plan but SPC are always so encouraging. They believed I could do it and hearing the stories of those who had successfully followed the plan inspired me to do it.

I am pleased to say 6 weeks on and 1.5 stones lighter I exceeded my own expectations at being able to incorporate all the things that SPC have been educating me on into adopting a more healthier approach to food.

I can honestly say without Tom at SPC’s patience and support I would not have been able to have done it. The meal plans are satisfying and interesting that I haven’t been too bored following them.

The plans are realistic that they can be integrated into your daily life without much trouble and the check-ins help you not to go too far off piste if you deviate slightly from the plan.

As I am trying to be careful, being able to ask Tom questions as they arise has been really helpful. As someone who has failed time and time again on diets and hates calorie counting, this works for me because I really wanted to make a change to my relationship with food and adopt a healthier lifestyle and with Tom’s guidance and support I have made a strong positive life-changing start to this journey.

Read about SPC’s nutritional beast HERE 

Ready to make that change once and for all when it comes to nutrition?

At SPC we know how important it is to understand someone’s relationship with food. This goes far beyond just setting a diet plan that has no sustainability nor addresses these underlying issues people struggle to shake for years and years.

SPC’s nutrition camp goes above and beyond anything you would have experienced before. We leave no stone unturned which is shown in the results EVERY person has achieved whilst on their own individual plan. The proof is just here for all to see.

Hit the link here to get involved. Spaces are limited to ensure results are attained by every member. 



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