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7 Exercises To Do With Someone Else

Following on from yesterdays article on 7 reasons you need a training partner, here is SPC’s 7 top exercises you can do with someone else!

You can do these exercise with more than one person. You could even get the whole household involved!

Partner Pyramid Squats

  • You rest whilst your partner is performing a squat
  • Start with one rep each
  • Increase the reps all the way up to 10 and back down again
  • Only rest when your partner is performing the exercise
  • You can increase the number of squats you do over time to challenge yourselves

Side To Sides

  • Use any object in your house – a medicine ball works well but use anything you can find
  • Rotate on both sides
  • Start with 10 reps per side before swapping
  • Try not to get dizzy! Aim to do 4-5 sets with 30s rest

Partner No Jump Burpees

  • You rest in the extended plank position whilst your partner is performing a no jump burpee
  • Do 10 reps each before restingAim to complete 5 rounds in total
  • You can increase the number of burpees you do over time to challenge yourselves
  • Add in a jump to the burpee if you have no knee or lower back issues (avoid if you do)
  • Notice we bring our legs to the outside of our bodies to limit the strain on the lower back

Partner Leg Raises

  • Both start lying on the ground
  • Bring your legs off the ground (about 2-5 inches off the floor)
  • Stay in that static positions whilst your partner performs the rep
  • Aim to complete 10 reps each before lowering your legs to the ground
  • Use your hands below your back to help support yourself

Partner Sprints

  • Hold your hands at 90 degrees for your partner to aim to hit on each rep
  • You can either sprint or march on the spot depending on your conditioning level
  • Aim to do 30s on, 30s off
  • Rest whilst your partner is performing the exercise
  • Complete 5-10 rounds each

Partner Hip Thrusts

  • An advanced exercise!
  • If you have the strength having performed hip thrusts with weights before, try this!
  • Rest your partner across your hip bone
  • Progress to a point where none of their body is in contact with the floor
  • Aim to do 5 sets of 12-15 reps
  • Squeeze your glutes as hard as possible on each rep


Team Conditioning Circuit

  • You can both perform this together at the same time!
  • Start with 30s of each exercise before progressing to 45s and then 60s of each exercise
  • Rest 60-90s between rounds and complete 5-10 total rounds depending on your fitness level

Grab members of your household and give these a go! They are a great way to help inspire and motivate you all to train.

Remember that all of SPC’s services are currently running online. Contact us here for further information¬†

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