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7 Push Up Variations You May Not Know

The humble push-up is one of the greatest general conditioning exercises for the training at home or outdoors, and you can do them anywhere, no equipment required.

Push-ups target the chest, shoulders, and triceps and work your core, back, and legs. They pack a serious punch for such a seemingly simple exercise, but you aren’t doing yourself any favours if your form isn’t dialled in.

SPC Performance Coach Harry Short brings you his 7 favourite push up variations he likes to use himself and with his SPC Youth members. Give them a go and let us know how you get on!

The Banded Push Up

  • A resistance band is required
  • Place resistance band behind shoulder blades
  • Loop the band through the hands

The Ball Push Up

  • Two balls required
  • Balls are placed shoulder width apart
  • Focuses on your shoulder stability

The Foam Roller Push Up

  • Perform repetitions on each arm
  • More advanced exercise
  • Perform on knees before trying the full version

The Partial Push Up

  • Great for a workout finisher
  • Can use any piece of equipment to touch the chest upon

The Split Stance Push Up

  • One hand  placed close to you, one hand placed further away
  • More advanced exercise

The Russian Push Up

  • Start on your forearms
  • Focus in placed more the triceps and shoulders
  • Avoid if you have shoulder issues

The Superman Push Up

  • Raise arms (one at a time) after each repetition
  • Use any piece of equipment you can get around your house

Let us know how you get on!

As always, stay healthy, stay safe and stay at home.

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