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7 Reasons You Need A Training Partner

Who could have predicted that lockdown would result in more people than ever wanting to be active! Most people are in isolation with a partner, multiple family members or close friends, but did you know that getting them involved in your exercise schedule can be of a benefit to you?

Let me explain the reasons below:

1 – You commit to a regular schedule of exercise which means that one room of the house or the garden is out of bounds to anyone else during that time.

This isn’t always easy when there are multiple people in your household, however if you include them in the session then scheduling this into your routine is much easier. It also means that you get to spend more time with them doing something which makes you all feel great, more motivated and positive knowing that you’re doing something beneficial for your health. You don’t even need any equipment, check out our Bodyweight Beast programme if you need proof!

2 – You’ll be getting fitter and stronger together.

This means that those heavy duty jobs around the house can be done by you and more of them. Need to move furniture to spring clean? Easy! Need to move some concrete in the garden? Easy! Need to shovel mud or gravel? Easy! No help required from your know-it-all neighbour or Dial-A-Husband, you have your own ready made heavy lifting team available at your disposal (and for free as well)!

3 – Food is no longer a contention when everyone in your household has similar goals.

If one person regularly eats processed high calorie foods whilst the other person is focussed on improving their health by cooking whole foods from scratch, then something is eventually going to give. I’m of course talking about your significant other here, but don’t forget that children are a by-product of you; so if they see you eating healthily and enjoying it, they are far more likely to do the same. Lockdown is also the perfect opportunity for them to help you cook from scratch, bake healthy treats and don’t forget that if bad food isn’t in the house, then they won’t eat it. If you’re stuck for healthy recipe ideas, then download one of our recipe books for free and let us know how you get on!

4 – Exercising together and having fitness goals in place, means you’re able to empathise better and motivate each other more.

You understand the other person’s goals and what it is going to take to help them get there. If you see them having a tough day and reaching for the tv remote and a large bag of crisps or chocolate to make them feel better, you know the right things to say to steer them away from this option and remember their goals. Don’t forget that this works the other way as well, so you may be on the receiving end of a pep talk at some point too

5 – You all look and feel healthy.

If other members of your household look and feel great, would you not want to as well??? Rarely do you see a couple or family where one person is fit and the other(s) aren’t. If you respect your body and your health, then you expect your partner to have the same regard for theirs as well, because surely they want to be around to enjoy it and you. Self respect and appreciation helps breed the same feelings for others, which overall makes you a nicer person. Nicer people are, well, nicer to be around, which makes for better and healthier relationships. Everyone’s a winner!

6 – Confidence.

A trait which some people have in abundance, some people have a healthy amount of, but in actual fact, a trait which most people don’t have enough of. Exercising gives you confidence from the inside out. You managed to squat with extra weights, perfect technique and for more reps then you’ve ever done before. Are you going to feel bad after achieving this or pretty damn pleased with yourself? I can guarantee you it’s the latter and this sense of achievement, along with the feel good hormones released after exercise, is a cocktail to make you feel great! You’ve already got the drive to exercise so mix this with persistence, commitment and a dash of patience and you’ve got yourself a recipe for feeling and looking good. Noticing your thighs getting a little more solid to touch, your waist reappearing after thinking you left it in your twenties or your arms wobbling slightly less, are all by-products of your hard work and these physical results will increase your confidence and help to motivate you to continue your journey.

7 – This one is for all you couples out there.

Picture this; you’re feeling better inside after exercising regularly and eating better and as a result are more energised, you’re sleeping better, digesting food better, your skin and complexion are better, little niggles and grumbles like regular headaches are a thing of the past and you’re more relaxed as you’re channelling negative energy towards fuel for exercise. You’re starting to notice the physical results of all your hard work and gaining confidence not just in your ability during exercise, but everyday life. I’m pretty sure that you’ll agree with me when I say that these reasons are absolutely going to result in a healthier sex life. Confident, happier people who look good, have more sex. End of.

Caring about your body and health are positive traits and not ones you should ever be ashamed of. Be proud of what you’ve achieved and be thankful of the journey so far, excited for what you’re able to achieve now and look forward to the bigger and better things to come. 

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