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7 Tips For Calorie Counting To Achieve Weight Loss

These simple tips have come from years of helping people understand how much food they are consuming and how much they need to eat to achieve sustainable weight loss.

Tip 1: Establish your calorie intake here

Tip 2: Always select an activity level lower than you perceive yourself to be doing. In our experience, most people dramatically overshoot what they think they are doing on a daily basis. 

Tip 3: If you work sitting down, you would be living a sedentary lifestyle even if you exercise more than 2x per week. 

Tip 4: Track your intake every day and include drinks as well as food intake. This includes weekends, when most people over consume calories. 

Tip 5: Do not add your calories burnt through exercise to your total daily consumption if your goal is weight loss. This is often the stumbling block for many people. 

Tip 6: Weigh yourself first thing every monday morning before you have eaten or drunk anything. This will show a true reflection of any changes in weight on a weekly basis. 

Tip 7: Aim for a weight loss of 1-2lbs per week. Any more than this can possibly lead to burnout due to you consuming too little calories and can result in a potentially negative relationship with nutrition/exercise.

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