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8 Easy & Simple Rules To Control Body Fat

In no particular order, see SPC’s list of 8 eating rules to help you control body fat. 

These are very random and if added into a normal eating routine can help you achieve results. Have a read and let us know if you agree or not!

Prepare the workweek’s meals on Sunday.

Simply planning ahead helps you eat healthier, more wholesome food. And knowing I’ll be eating appropriately during the workday gives me the license to loosen up a bit on the weekend.

Eat breakfast.

Study after study backs up eating breakfast for fat loss and maintaining leanness. Breakfast has an autoregulatory effect. It helps you regulate your appetite hormones throughout the day. Eat a healthy breakfast, or try to just frontload your daily calories, and you’re also much less likely to overeat at night.

Do something physical for 7-15 minutes before you eat.

This will both blunt hunger and make you think twice about adding a non-planned meal.

Don’t eat carbs on the days you don’t train.

This pretty much ensures that you’ll have a caloric deficit on these days, unless you’re stupid enough to compensate by eating a whole brick of butter! Skipping carbs on non-training days will allow you to lose fat without thinking too much about it, even if you eat more on the training days.

The most obvious one: don’t buy crap.

If there’s no junk food in the house you are a lot less likely to eat it. Simple, yet few people do it. They might buy a pack of cookies thinking, “I’m only gonna have one.” Newsflash: If the cookies are in your house, they will get eaten!

Don’t do anything else when you eat.

One of the biggest problems, so when you diet down make sure you never to do it. See, when you read, watch TV, or look at social media while eating, your brain gets two pleasure signals. You get twice the dopamine release as you would from only the meal.

Your brain doesn’t dissociate the two sources of pleasure, and you start to associate food with a greater pleasure which reinforces your desire to have more of it. Plus, if you’re doing something when eating you’re not paying attention to satiety signals and you’ll eat more.

Pack each meal or snack with goodness.

Find ways to sneak protein/veggies/healthy fats into as many meals as possible. Add protein powder to plain Greek yogurt, veggies to eggs, and avocado or coconut oil to carbs like rice, black beans, or potatoes. They’re mostly tasteless and make a huge cumulative difference.

Have a different water choice.

I drink sparkling water throughout the day. Not only does it keep you hydrated, it also reduces hunger and sugar cravings.

We hoped these tips helped! If you’re struggling with a nutrition plan or adhering to your goals, check out our podcast.

Here you will find free information from all the SPC coaches on how to live a healthier, fitter and therefore happier life. 


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