Sussex Performance Centre

Personal Training Facility in Worthing

About Sussex Performance Centre

Trust us, you've never have had an experience like SPC.

SPC is an appointment-only facility based in Worthing, specialising in personal and group training.

We have seen people lack the motivation to train, dislike the atmosphere, avoid turning up consistently to their gym and repeating the same workout regimes leading to (you guessed it) the same results.

We focus on accountability and keeping our members dedicated, encouraging members to turn up consistency, all the while understanding the gym can be a part of your life without having to dominate every single day.


It's all about our members and the SPC community

With decades of experience working in the health and fitness industry, we know the downfalls that come with attending a normal gym environment.

You are never just a number at SPC.

We've built a coaching team that understands you.

The team at SPC is our number one asset. We believe we have the best in the business for what we offer, whether its training, nutrition or rehabilitation.

Jake Diserens
Personal Trainer
Harry Coates
Personal Trainer
Giuseppe Gaute-Lammi
Personal Trainer
Annie Rolf
Personal Trainer
Ruben Denyer Schneider
Personal Trainer
Sam Leake
Personal Trainer
Annette Mundy
Yoga Instructor

Meet the Trainers

Find out what makes the team tick as they face quick-fire questions in our Meet the Trainers series.

Meet the Trainers: Jake

Meet the Trainers: Giuseppe

Meet the Trainers: Annie

Meet the Trainers: Harry

More than just a gym

It’s all about the SPC Community! Keep up with everything we’re up to including events, socials, as well as hearing stories about members’ SPC experience.

The Training Regime To Halt The Dad Bod
“6 Weeks On & I’m 1.5 Stone Lighter”
“I was rushed to hospital in an ambulance which scared the life out of me and I knew there and then that I had to sort myself out.” 
Have Dinner For Breakfast? Easy Fitness Tips You Will Actually Stick To

Best in class Facilities

We have designed our space to allow us to deliver honest, reliable and competent coaching.

At Sussex Performance Centre you will find the most effective equipment to push you to the next level in both our equipped indoor and outdoor training areas.

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