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Does Your Gym Love You?


When it comes to finding the right gym for you post Covid-19; what should you be looking for?

We know how it goes. You join a gym, go almost five times a week for the first month. The second month you go but things start to get in the way (work gets busier, kids need ferrying around etc) so you’re down to two times a week. Third month you make one appearance and blame the boss for that extra workload. Fast forward six months and you only remember you’re a member of the gym because you’ve just seen your bank statement and wondered what that £80 has just gone too.

Sound familiar?

One thing that is extremely important when selecting where you train is the community within the gym environment. It is important to ask yourself whether you get results best from your training if you feel a part of something and therefore enjoy attending. From our experience at SPC, this separates us from the rest.

Improve your experience

Training in a community of like-minded people can have a noticeable effect on your performance, but it will also greatly affect your experience in the gym. What’s most important is finding a gym that places emphasis on their community. You want to go somewhere that places a premium on building a culture where people want to workout and want to spend their time. More importantly, though, you want to feel empowered and encouraged by the staff and other members. The community at the gym involves more than just the people there. It’s a word that wraps up the overall feeling and experience of the gym. You should leave feeling that the experience was welcoming, friendly, fun and inspiring. Most importantly, whether you personal or group train, you should feel that experience helps you get closer to achieving your goals.

Community Builds Accountability 

This sense of community really goes a long way towards strengthening a number of things. Being a part of a gym with a community that makes your gym feel like a second home helps to make your training more of a habit. Not only will you want to go to the gym more often, but that community fosters accountability. At SPC, our coaches use the private workout groups we have set up for our clients (both personal training and group training) to make it a point to encourage attendance to all our sessions. We find out if people are unable to attend and often give them home-based workouts to complete to keep the enthusiasm high and of course have adopted zoom sessions during lockdown. We know this goes a long way in making our members know we are in it for our passion of training and to see each and every one of them achieve the results they want.

Is this something you experience at your gym? Do they hold you accountable when you keep missing sessions or don’t use their facilities for a while? Do they actually care?

Share Your Purpose

This is the kind of setting that motivates and helps to build more confidence the more you participate. People tend to quit going to the gym when they feel they aren’t succeeding, but it’s important to consider why this is happening. Do you feel motivated to train at your gym? Are you realistic with your goals? Do you have a timeframe? Are you doing the best type of exercise?

When you’re a member of SPC that has a strong community support base, our coaches help remind you of your goals and encourage you to meet them. They provide you with a plan of action, give you the support you need and select the best training possible to support chasing down each of your goals. Something as simple as talking about why you decided to start your workout routine can be a great way to build strong relationships with our members of our group training programme, whom all share a determination to become a better version of themselves. This is one of the main reasons why group training just works.

We’re Better Together

Remember that in this kind of community setting, our coaches are just as serious about helping you reach your goals as you are. They are there to help keep you motivated when you fall off track. The provide the accountability, structure and support you need to achieve results. Our coaches do more with their clients away from the gym than anywhere else. However, we know our SPC community is what makes people want to attend. They are the driving force behind everything we do. We are the gym without egos.

The truth is, we aren’t wired to be our best on our own. We crave community, it’s in our DNA. We need accountability where discipline wanes. Join a gym that fills that need.

SPC puts a strong emphasis on our people – they’re one of our greatest values. That’s why we make it a priority to host regular member socials and connect our members to one another. In the past, we’ve done the SPC games, clay pigeon shooting and quiz nights to name a few.

This has always been a great way to bring our community together. You can count on us for working hard but partying harder!

At the end of the day, the best way to get a feel for the community is to visit the gym and experience it in person. When we are back open we would love to see you! If you want to learn more about SPC before checking out the space, look at our Facebook, Instagram and Google reviews.

We can’t say much more than that.



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