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Erica’s Story

Like most women of a certain age I had already formalised my views on what sort of exercise I hated by the time I was 6 in 1975.

I loathed PE at school – hideous nightmares of monkey bars and rope climbing at junior school dressed in vest and pants. Later, as a senior the horror of smelly, dirty, freezing changing rooms which preceded hellish hockey, nightmare netball or even worse the dreaded cross country run!

Luckily for me, my Mum made sure my brother and I could swim at a very early age and I loved it. Additionally, my Mum, whose own childhood dream to take ballet lessons was a stretch my post war grandparents couldn’t afford, lived all her dance dreams through me instead. So I danced my way to my late teens.

Now aged 50 I still love all forms of dance and I could swim all day and never tire of it. However, from my early twenties onwards life got in the way of doing structured and regular exercise of the type I enjoyed.

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My job was all consuming and stressful. By the time I hit 30 I was a physical wreck. My back was a mess and described by the surgeon who operated on it twice in 2001 and 2003 as ‘like that of an 80 year old.’ The likelihood that it would improve was remote.

In 2013 aged 44 in an effort to try and strengthen my back I reluctantly joined a gym with the intention of swimming more. Despite the fact I hated gyms I decided to try personal training to focus on building my strength. The first PT I had was ok but I hated the cardio focus of the sessions and coming home every week purple! Then I met Nathan and my life changed forever!

Nathan taught me about building strength calmly and sensibly and worked out what made me tick and how to get the best out of me.

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I loved the fact that week by week I felt stronger and realised that my naturally strapping physique (self- loathed all my life) was made perfectly for lifting heavy weights. I found out my dancers legs were super strong and capable of incredible things others could only dream of – I never forget the first 100kg leg press and the sense of achievement.

When Nathan set up SPC with Tom and Michelle, moving there to train was a no brainer. I do 2 PT sessions a week with Nathan and I absolutely love feeling strong. No session is never the same and even on my tired days I come out feeling incredible.

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The challenge is pushing through the aching joints – for me hips, knees and ankles but pushing and pulling heavy weights makes me strong and feel accomplished. I am the only female client to carry the 50KG bag – how cool is that ?

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I still dance and I still swim but nothing stops me training with Nathan. As for my back it is unrecognisable as the one I used to have and I can do everything I want to do. I cannot imagine a time in my life when I will not want or need to train.  I would urge all ladies of a certain age like me to do it why not chase me on the 50kg bag carry? – trust me you will not regret it.

Nathan is my hero and all the guys at SPC are a fabulous part of my middle aged but ‘fit as fiddle’ life.

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