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Frequently Asked Questions

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Group Training

  • What fitness level do you need to have to join one of the SPC groups?
    Every session at SPC is scalable so all of our members benefit from the group. We do recommend that people undertake personal training sessions prior to commencing our group training programmes if they have limited experience of exercise or have had a long period of time absent from training to ensure they hit the ground running when starting at SPC.
  • Are your group training classes at set days/times?
    Yes. We run classes Monday - Saturday at specific times year round. Please see the exact schedule on each specific group training page or contact us.
  • What is the difference between group training and just going to the gym?
    Group training provides you with a unique atmosphere that will make you want to train with the correct intensity you need to create the results you want. It maximises your time in the gym through programming and exercise selection that gives you the most bang for your buck so you can focus on living your life outside of the gym walls.

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