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Farmers Carries

In reality, and when you understand the principles, there are many different conditioning tools at your disposal that can easily be added into your training.

One variation we use a lot in our programming at SPC is the Farmers Carry.

What is the farmers carry?

It’s almost too simple to work. You pick up something heavy and you move it from point A to point B for a set number of times. This could be one of the reason why it’s often overlooked in mainstream training. However, don’t be fooled; this exercise targets nearly every muscle in the body and can be used by every client, from athletes to average joes.

“The loaded carry does more to expand athletic qualities than anything else out there” Dan John – American Strength Coach

Done appropriately the farmers carry can be used for:

  • Building muscle
  • Burning fat
  • Gaining strength
  • Improving grip strength
  • Increasing core strength and stability

How you would apply it to your training would depend on your goal and programming. When applying it to our personal or group training we will use focus on a variety of different factors, including weight, duration and rest period to suit our goal.

Examples include:

  • Fat loss – lighter weight for longer durations (120 seconds work / 60 seconds rest)
  • Building muscle – heavier weight for medium durations (60 seconds of work / 60 seconds of rest)
  • Strength – Very heavy for short durations (20-30 seconds work / 120 seconds rest)

When using these as part of your training be sure to try a few variations to see which example works for you. In our group training we will use a combination of variations as the programme progresses to accommodate the different phases.

Regardless of what your goal is, start implementing this simple form of conditioning into your training a few times a week to maximise the benefits.

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