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Our unique class structure and size creates the ultimate small group training experience.

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Are you frustrated at just going through the motions with your training? Are you a member of a gym that doesn’t provide you with any motivation to go? Do you lack that extrinsic experience you know will push you? Are you able train with likeminded individuals that will support you?

Accountability. Support. Community. Results. These are the pillars of SPC group training. If working alongside other individuals in a challenging, structured and results driven environment is something that gets you motivated, our SPC group training community will push you to the next level.

There are no egos found here. Each member comes from different backgrounds and live many different lives. All that matters is that they form a group of people that is greeted by an atmosphere that fosters hard work, enjoyment and even friendship. Trust us in believing you would never of had a group training experience quite like SPC.

Each male only and female only training group experiences a tailored combination of strength and conditioning exercises that, regardless of your fitness levels or exercise experience, will enable you to push your limits and exceed your training goals.

Our small group training is based on a two session a week training schedule and runs for 12 consecutive weeks. To provide the ultimate experience, spaces are limited in each training group. Most importantly, we periodise the training to constantly provide the challenges our members look for.

"SPC are encouraging, supportive and their approachable manner gets me to push myself outside my comfort zone. I have personally achieved more in six months' training with them than I have in the previous 50 years."

Gary Paragpuri, SPC Men

98% of members re-signed for our group training programmes