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How Do You Actually Lose Stubborn Areas Of Bodyfat?

The truth about stubborn areas of your body that holds more fat than you desire is actually this; it’s not really stubborn.


What we are trying to say is that there are really no areas of stubborn body fat, you just have struggled to stay committed to the right approach for long enough too see tangible changes to that area. 

It really is that simple (ask the guys and girls on our nutrition camp). 

Now people will always say the same narrative when it comes to body fat. They have tried everything before, every diet you can imagine. They question their metabolism. They say it’s their genetics. 

The truth is this: They have done the wrong things. Even if they have been doing the right things, you can bet they haven’t been doing the right things for LONG enough. 

No diet pill or celeb endorsed nutrition plan will get you there. They are only ever followed for short periods of time and offer very little long term solution to the problem of stubborn body fat. Then you come to a trainer only to have them tell you what you already know deep down, but you didn’t really want to do because it takes time, effort and consistency. 

Eat a calorie-controlled diet, comprising nutrient-rich real foods, and exercise regularly. 

Unsurprisingly, it’s the thing you knew you should do (but chose not to really try) that is most likely to be the solution you need.  


This is what you should do:

  • Eat 3-5 meals per day depending on appetite 
  • Eat a handful of protein from varied sources at each meal (any kind of animal protein will usually be your best option) 
  • Add half a plate of green veg, splashed with some colour 
  • Add a handful of carbs after training (rice, potato, pasta) 
  • Add a little fat if your energy is dropping (nuts, oils, avocados) 

Spread out your meals, try not to overeat (you can count calories via an app on your phone for this) and drink plenty of water.

Unfortunately there are no easy ways to lose body fat. Lighting fast result promises are also the quickest to revert back to, and sometimes even worse, than where you began. But this is likely to affect you physically, mentally and emotionally, and eventually, you will crash and burn and just relapse back to your old habits.

When you pile up a plate full of nutrients, your body will feel safe and healthy, your muscles will be fueled, your systems will be optimised and your metabolism will fire up. Once this happens, you will begin to lose fast quickly, perform brilliantly and feel great while doing it. 

Just do this for long enough to see results. Not two, four or six weeks. Go for 12 weeks as a minimum, with a consistent exercise routine, and then see where you are at.

This is why our SPC nutrition plan is so effective.

If you want to experience the bespoke nutrition plan that has a proven track record of getting results, contact us here 

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