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How To Change Your Mindset To Get Results

Progress will change your mindset. Period.

Success, happiness and health are all about mindset. Your mindset and belief systems affect everything in your life from what you think and feel to how you act and react to the world around you.

In order to achieve your goals, your mindset needs to match your aspirations, otherwise it might be holding you back from getting where you want to be.

If anything, mindset is the most powerful tool at your disposal when it comes to improving your health, getting stronger, feeling fitter and generally doing what you need to do in terms of looking after your body on a consistent basis.

If you want to improve your self-confidence or develop more dedication, you need to see consistent progress to help fuel your motivation. You must create new habits to support this mindset change and produce long term results.

Focus On One Change Per Week

At SPC, we encourage our members to begin their health & fitness journey with a commitment to change one unhealthy habit per week to a new, healthy alternative. Integrate one powerful habit into your day that helps your mindset change and reenforces your thinking with action.

For example, replace sitting in the office during your lunch break to taking a brisk 30 minute walk everyday this week.

A lot of people let themselves get to the stage where health is the reason they’ve decided to change (diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease, blood pressure, anxiety, stress, insomnia etc). Another reason is that they’ve let their body get out of control (to the point where they really aren’t happy with how they look).

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people think that being strict for a few weeks will make all the difference. However, after a few weeks the plan (dieting, training) becomes too restrictive and they fall back in to old habits. You simply can’t expect to make some initial progress then fall back into your old routine and manage to actually KEEP that progress long term. Your old routine and old habits got you to where you are today, so it’s essential that they are addressed.

With this in mind, committing to one change per week for the next month will give you an attainable goal each day. This will act as a stimulus for change and will hold you accountable to actually doing it. You must move away from a fixed mindset (you don’t see past your own opinions or views) to an open mindset (you’re open to new information) and therefore are open to change.

Are you actually ready to make this change? Speak to us about how we can help you 

Follow these tips over the next month to level up your mindset and put you on the path to success:

  1. Integrate one powerful habit into your day that helps your mindset change and reenforces your thinking with action.
  2. Add in a new habit each week, but keep doing the previous ‘new’ habit.
  3. Make space in your life for change. Part of change is accommodating it, and moving things out of the way to make space. Do not make excuses, you can do it.
  4. Get out your comfort zone. If you put yourself in situations that challenge you, you have no other choice than to rise to the occasion and upgrade your mindset. It becomes a necessity to survive. Feel anxious about going to the gym? Try Personal or Group Training.
  5. Make the reward mean something to you. Connect the link between being in great shape to the health benefits it brings and it adds a whole new load of motivation to your arsenal.

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