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How To Make Weights At Home During Coronavirus

Bodyweight exercises are fantastic and should form the base of your home workout. However, there is a simple way of adding resistance to certain movements using simple items found at your home.

2 heavier duty plastic bags and tins from your kitchen. That’s it.

Aim to perform the exercises using either of these methods:

  • 30s of each exercise, with a 30s rest between each exercise. Repeat through the whole circuit before resting for 2 minutes and aiming to complete 5 total rounds.
  • Perform 5 sets of 15 repetitions for each exercise, with 30-60s rest between sets depending on the difficulty of the exercise.
  • Add extra items to the plastic bags for the following movements: deadlifts, lunges, rows high pulls. Be sure to test your bags before lifting them to make sure they do not split!

As always, focus on technique at all times. Slow the reps down to make the most out of each movement and really squeeze/contract the target muscle!

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay active. At SPC we are adapting and overcoming the current limitations to keep our members healthy and positive using online training. Follow the link to get involved. 

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