Sussex Performance Centre

“I was rushed to hospital in an ambulance which scared the life out of me and I knew there and then that I had to sort myself out.” 

I rave about SPC to whomever will listen as I genuinely credit them to me still being here today. 

I was at rock bottom before I found them, I had lost my Dad to cancer just before Christmas in 2018 and put everyone else first in making sure they were OK instead of myself.

My attitude was a very depressed, bitter and angry one and I was drinking a lot more, eating rubbish and lost all motivation for anything. Summer 2019 I was rushed to hospital in an ambulance which scared the life out of me and I knew there and then that I had to sort myself out. 

I have never been a big gym fan and would always get really anxious about the thought of them, so after doing some research I stumbled upon SPC on Instagram.

I had read about a lady’s story and her anxiety issues and it all resonated with me and how she sang SPCs praises just sold it to me. 

I met with Michelle about starting some PT sessions and she made me feel so comfortable straight away and I just loved the fact that she worked with me to find what it is that I thrive and love doing at the gym so I would enjoy it and want to come back (my love affair with the hex bar began). 

My Journey

It was through my PT sessions, that Michelle introduced me to Annette and yoga, we discussed how it could help me with the mindfulness side of things. I am the most uncoordinated and unflexible person but again Annette made me feel so comfortable and has really helped bring some peace in my chaotic life, especially during this grieving process. 

The fact that during lockdown as well these two fabulous women kept me (and I am sure others) going with the online zoom classes and PT sessions was just amazing.

It’s also through the zoom classes that Michelle got me into the group training as well, which I now attend on a Tuesday and the occasional Saturday when I am not working (again I love the group support and everyone just gives each other a boost to kick ass). 

Just before lockdown I was in a much better headspace and had a discussion with my Dr about coming off my antidepressants (I had been put on them reluctantly when my Dad was originally diagnosed). If It wasn’t for SPC and there continued support and motivation during the lockdown period I genuinely think I would of failed that weaning off process straight away. 

I am now also signed up to the Nutrition course with Tom where I have just lost 2 stone in 13 weeks and I have enjoyed every minute of it and haven’t felt deprived or hungry, if anything I have eaten more than I did before.

I have lost weight before and people have commented but this is the first time in my life where people are telling me I am looking lean and I love it! My mood is better, my sleep is better, my skin is better, I am on zero medication and my general self is just 100 times better. 

So it may sound cheesy to some but I really do owe SPC a lot, it’s not a gym it’s so much more than that and I could never thank them enough. It’s the first time in a long time that I have put ME first and they make me feel I can achieve anything.

We can’t say much more than that! If you’re interested in personal training or group training – click the links here

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