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Introducing: Rhys Gillings

Today I sit down with SPC’s newest member of the team, Rhys Gillings.

Rhys joins SPC as a Personal Trainer as he completes his MSc Sport Science at Chichester University.

Let’s here what he has to say about his experiences, his passion for training and how he can help you achieve your goals.

“Health & fitness has been an integral part of my upbringing due to my love for Rugby. I was fortunate enough to be a part of an excellent county side – Sussex RFU (U16, U18 & U20), Harlequins Academy & South East England U20” explained Rhys.

“This gave me great exposure to excellent strength & conditioning coaches and demonstrated the positive effect that coaches can have on athlete development”. 

“Fast forward a few hectic years at University and I was graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Sport & Exercise Science. I put down the pint glass and started to pick up barbells for a living”.

“I spent the next few years personal training in a commercial environment, working extensively with clients and teaching classes. Spin classes are still my nemesis!”

“After a brief spell away from the fitness industry, I took it upon myself to sign up to a masters in Strength & Conditioning, which culminates in August 2020. If I’m honest, I haven’t looked back since! It’s providing me with a fantastic foundation for helping clients and athletes alike. The masters has presented me with some great opportunities which include an internship at the John Madejski Academy, part of Reading Football Club. The role entails overseeing the JMA performance squad, ensuring full preparation for both training and games”.

“At the back end of last year, SPC was a name that kept popping up in conversation”.

“A chap on my course has links with one of the trainers, Harry Short. One of the first things he said to me was “mate, you should check out their facility, you’d love it” – referring to my love for free weights training.

Another instance occurred with one of Nathan’s clients – Maureen. She explained how well she’s been progressing under his remit and I thought, right that’s it, time to reach out to these guys. After sitting down with Nathan, Michelle & Tom, it really was a no brainer. In the words of TOWIE – I thought “that’s a bit of me” (and yes, I am a fan before you ask).

So here I am! Things kick off with 15-week marathon training camp in early January and I’ll be opening up a small number of PT slots whilst I complete my MSc. I can’t wait to get cracking!

My approach to training and my ethos is simple. For the general public, my main aim is to allow people to enjoy more of the finer things in life; great food, walking the dog or enjoying time with their loved ones. All three can be improved through simple training and nutrition”.

“Seeing people progress and achieve things they didn’t feel was possible gives me great fulfilment”.

“It is the primary reason I chose Personal Training as a career. For athletes, my sole purpose is to aid performance on the pitch. That is established through evidence based programming and bloody hard work! 

Outside of the gym, I find myself doing anything sport related! I frequently find myself at Twickenham watching Rugby with the boys and enjoying a pint. In my downtime you’ll normally find me indulging in coffee or Italian food. Anything sport or food related and I’m there!

I cannot wait to start a new and exciting chapter at SPC. If you see me, please say hello. It’ll be a welcome break from all the number crunching of a masters!”

Want to reach out to Rhys about his marathon training camp or personal training services? CLICK HERE 


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