Sussex Performance Centre

Introducing Sam And Emily

We are very excited to announce our latest additions to the SPC coaching team; Sam Leake and Emily Sanderson.

Here we sit down with them to ask them a few questions about themselves before we introduce them to the SPC community.


What are your experiences in the industry? 

“I have been a PT for 6+ years, working in 1-2-1 and running boot camps/group training. I started at David Lloyd then began working for myself in 2017”

Why do you love training?

“Training gives me sanity! It’s a huge stress release, I love the endorphins and how good I feel afterwards and I think the discipline and effort you learn to put into yourself transcends throughout your life and improves it in all areas, not only benefitting physical health but also confidence and self esteem”

What 3 things should we know about you? 

  • You’ll hear me laughing before you can see me!
  •  I started playing netball aged 26 and I LOVE it, proving starting things outside your comfort zone as an adult can be scary but also the best thing you can do.
  •  I am passionate about helping people fulfill their potential, not just in training but throughout life.



When did you start in health and fitness?

“I become accredited in Level 3 personal Training & Sports Massage in December 2020. I have 1 and half years experience of coaching Fitness Bootcamps and personal training clients.”


Why be a personal trainer? 


“For me, taking that step into fitness and starting my exercise journey 10 years ago changed my life! Not only did it inspire me to improve my own physical fitness, it helped me mentally overcome personal challenges.


I gained more confidence, pushed myself out of my comfort zone to try new things and more importantly I have gained some amazing friends for life. This in-turn inspired me massively to fulfil my passion in becoming a personal trainer so not only can I share from my own experiences, I have the professional knowledge to help support, motivate and guide others in reaching their goals.”


Why chose SPC? 


“As a coach, I’m passionate about creating an environment where you can not only improve fitness but feel confident in what you are doing, gaining a sense of achievement and more importantly have fun! I know this is exactly what SPC provides.”


How do you like to train? 


“I myself enjoy running, swimming and playing netball and try and get in as much training I can around being a busy mum of 3 amazing children, working in HR and coaching.” 


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