Sussex Performance Centre

Introducing: SPC HIIT

Our SPC HIIT class affords the opportunity to accommodate those adrenaline seeking, hard workers who want to be pushed to the max in a plethora of different ways.

Starting in May 2017, this class is born out of a desire from our clients and public for a more intense, interval based circuit class. Running alongside our existing strength and conditioning and personal training programs, this class incorporates all the elements we feel make our training enjoyable and beneficial for our members. Furthermore, SPC HIIT is unique to our services as it’s less of a periodised program and more of a fun 45 minutes that works on general physical preparedness.

The focus is to burn calories, have fun, get a sweat on and build a great level of fitness, all before you go to work in the morning.

Open to both men and women of all fitness levels, the class is made up of 12 people to allow us to provide the best possible service we can. As such we still approach the class with a group personal training mentality. 8 sessions a month with no fixed contract or membership, we trust our service and the feedback we get to make sure the sessions are varied, dynamic and motivating.

In my opinion ‘circuit’ or ‘boot camp’ classes can be generic and often times misleading. The SPC HIIT class aims to break the mould and become the best high intensity interval group training in the local area and one we know will inspire people to get involved.

The only pre requisite to join is that you work hard, don’t give up and always keep moving forward.

So what are you waiting for? Sign yourself up today 

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