Sussex Performance Centre

Introducing: SPC Women

SPC women was created to allow females to experience the benefits of strength training in a comfortable and contained environment.

My previous experiences of attending regular gyms and health clubs are that of women spending vast amounts of time pounding away on the cardio machines, with men in the weights area congregating in groups and grunting! It’s this type of environment which makes women uncomfortable to even attempt to lift any weights and thus, they stay away from any type of weighted exercise, even being nervous to try out a resistance machine.

At SPC this environment doesn’t exist with both men and women training using a variety of resistance exercises along with conditioning elements. The SPC Women group training is a female only programme which means that straight away no one feels intimidated and realises everyone is there to motivate each other to push past their potential and achieve things they’ve never attempted before.

They continue to push themselves and each other and offer support, motivation and guidance which helps to create an amazing atmosphere for them to train in

The 12 week programme is focused on building strength, increasing fitness with both aerobic and anaerobic based conditioning, improving flexibility and mobility and most importantly, increasing confidence. The biggest compliment is when someone tells me that they used the squat rack on their own in their gym and it felt good or went into the weights area for the first time or even that they simply just hold themselves better when standing/walking/running as not only are they physically stronger, but mentally too.

The SPC Women community has gone from strength to strength with many members continuing onto the next phases, with some having even been with us from the very start in September 2016. The intermediate group leads straight ono the advanced group in the evening which allows the two groups to see each other’s progress and often leads to compliments about how much fitter/healthier/happy a person is and how well they’re doing. For me, this is amazing to see and something I never thought would happen having never really seen much support between females in the previous gyms I have been to.

All of the SPC Women make me proud as they continue to push themselves and each other and offer support, motivation and guidance which helps to create an amazing atmosphere for both them to train in, and for me to work in. I believe that every single female would benefit from the SPC Women group training regardless of previous training experience and fitness level. The ability, age, background and goals differ for all the women, but they have one thing in common which is to train as hard as they can and most importantly, have fun whilst doing it!

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