Sussex Performance Centre

Introducing: Tom Austin

Setting up Sussex Performance Centre with Nathan and Michelle has been the best decision I have made since graduating University.

When Nathan first approached me 6 years ago, we knew we could make a sustainable business that had the potential to make positive impacts on people’s lives. We could not have foreseen however, the rate at which the company has grown and we are continually surprised by the hard work and dedication our growing number of clients put in every single week.

I graduated in 2008 and struggled to settle in a career that I found rewarding or engaging. However, I have been active my whole life. I trained for, and completed, several endurance events including the New York City and Athens marathons. For a time I trained with the armed forces but after changes to my personal life my focus and perspectives changed on what it was that really constituted a healthy and happy life.

Subsequently I switched focus from all out training to nutritional development and the implementation of simple but effective resistance training. I worked with Nathan for a few years, developing my knowledge base and understanding various training principles and how they can be applied to a variety of different clients.

One of my passions is understanding the body’s relationship to nutrition and the role it plays in helping or hindering of illness, disease and performance. I found myself fascinated by just how much information wasn’t common knowledge. Whether it’s information related to maximising training goals or recovering from illnesses and injury, I wanted to make sure that I not only could provide useful advice but that I understood the foundational science behind it too.

Currently working toward the completion of the UKSCA Strength and conditioning accreditation, I draw upon many different exercise disciplines, from endurance sports to strength training so as to provide the best possible approach for my clients and group training.

I have come to learn the efficacy of resistance training for sport and athletic performance and for overall longevity. I take nutrition and wellbeing very seriously and it is something that has intrinsically affected my overall approach to my own fitness and longevity goals.

I am a keen learner and I am always striving to develop new ways to improve, whether that is from tips and tricks to increase recovery, to ‘bio hacking’ your way to a healthier life. I am incredibly enthusiastic and passionate and this is evident with just how much time and attention I pay to our members.

I could not envisage a better place to learn, train and develop as a coach and as a client than Sussex Performance Centre. I am truly grateful and proud, of the hard work and dedication our coaches continue to apply every single day, to make our facility the very best in the area.

Join Tom for our next phase of SPC Men Group Training

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