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Jill’s Story

I am a 58 year old woman and back in January I seemed to reach a turning point in my life!

I had hit the menopause hard over the last couple of years, had become a grandparent to two beautiful grandchildren and recently lost our dog of 15 years who got me out walking every day!

I desperately needed to get fit and lose a bit of weight before it was too late!

Over the years I have joined various gyms and tried different exercise classes hoping I may find something that I enjoyed and wanted to continue doing.  However it never lasted as I didn’t feel confident or comfortable!  My daughter in law told me about Sussex Performance Centre which is only round the corner from us so I thought I would give it a go. I knew a little bit about Nathan as he was at university with my youngest son and I knew he was very passionate about his work.

I went along and had a chat with Nathan and told him what I wanted to achieve which was to become fitter and stronger so I can run around with my grandchildren and hopefully lose a bit of weight.

We decided that I would start with some personal training twice a week to give me some confidence and then maybe progress to SPC Women.

I can’t deny, that first session was hard but really enjoyable. Nathan took it slowly and explained everything we were doing and I never felt embarrassed  or intimidated. Yes, I did ache for a week but it felt good.  Nathan also took the trouble to text me some exercises I can do at home and fit in with my everyday life.

After 3 months I joined the ladies circuit classes with Michelle and I have continued my personal training with Nathan once a week.  The classes are small and Michelle gives us something different every week so we don’t get bored.  She works us hard and watches us all the time, making sure we are doing the exercise correctly. All the ladies are friendly and we have a good banter and laugh a lot!

I have now lost 10lbs, my shape is beginning to change and I feel so much stronger and fitter.

I really look forward to going to Sussex Performance Centre, which I honestly thought I would never say!! Everyone is so friendly and it feels like one big family.  I have also fallen in love with Dennis who is actually the gym dog! A gorgeous cockerpoo who keeps an eye on us all!

I cannot recommend Sussex Performance Centre enough. Nathan and Michelle go out of their way to help you and each week Nathan send out positive and encouraging information and exercise videos.

Sussex Performance Centre has now become part of my weekly routine and I would miss it if I couldn’t go.

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