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Kath’s Story

In November 2013 I had to have major surgery which resulted in complications, subsequently prolonging the recovery. I gained huge amounts of weight, almost 3 stone. I also suffered unexpected physical, mental and emotional symptoms from the the effects of the surgery.

I decided I had to start refocusing and getting back on track so signed up to do 24 Peaks in 24 hours with Global Challenges in June 2015. In February 2015 I signed up with Virgin gyms to task some poor PT with getting me in some sort of suitable condition to meet the challenge ….. in 4 months !!! That PT was Nathan Da Costa.

Nathan worked his magic and got me to a level of fitness that would mean I smashed that challenge, despite the extra weight.

Needless to say when Nathan told me about SPC, I knew I’d follow him there. I continued to train with Nathan and joined Michelle’s women’s group when that started, something I would never have imagined I would consider, let alone join and love. I have also included further training with another trainer at the gym due to time challenges with work.

SPC became my lifeline for confidence, strength, health and wellbeing through their complete support structure.

I am much fitter physically and mentally, far less body conscious, so much stronger and overall more content with me. I am proud of what I have achieved so far and know I will continue to improve with SPC at my side.

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I have struggled and continue to have my own personal challenges, even falling off the radar for a week or so at times when things are really tough but through everything, SPC maintain support and contact.

You just know they will be there for you 100%.

There are definitely no quick fixes, magic pills or miracle diets but what there is, is SPC and time and that works. You just don’t get this anywhere else. Thank you SPC.

Our aim at SPC is to help everyone who comes through our doors to be healthier, fitter and stronger. Most importantly, we want to help them become happy with how they look and feel in their own body. We’d love you to be our next success story!


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