Sussex Performance Centre

Lianne’s Story

I’ve always struggled with anxiety but the past 3 years due to certain situations which were out of my control, the anxiety got worse.

I stopped training. I stopped socialising. I would drop my daughter to her day centres and go back home and hide away. I was comfort eating to hide my pain as a result gained some weight. I didn’t like the person I was becoming.

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I knew I had to break the cycle but didn’t know how.

I came across a video on Facebook about ladies classes at Sussex Performance Centre. I messaged them and they were and still are so understanding.

Not going to lie, the first step into the building was so hard to do but they made me feel really welcome.

Four weeks on and I can see the start of progress in myself. I’m looking forward to seeing further results within the next 8 weeks training at SPC, thank you for helping me fight back.

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“I feel in the best shape of my life in just 6 months”