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Marc’s Story

A couple of years ago I had a major operation on my leg, I’d gained weight, lost a lot of strength and to be honest a lot of confidence. My father law, already a client, recommended Nathan. He’d just started out in a new gym and he could help. 

I walked in and saw something different. I’d been to a lot of other gyms but not like SPC.

Artificial grass on the floor and not a ‘weights machine’ in sight but a lot of equipment I’d never seen before. After my first session with Nath, I was knackered, more knackered than I’d been in a long time. But I was sold. Nathan coached me through movements, holds, stretches and exercises I’d never done before. Explaining why they’re important and beneficial at every step. Coaching is the key though, not instruction, coaching. That’s it in a nut shell.

The trainers at SPC are so clearly passionate about helping people feel better, fitter and stronger that they coach each person as an individual.

They’ve created a culture of like minded people at all levels of ability, that are willing to put in the work towards their own personal goals and have a laugh along the way. 

SPC has changed the way I feel about training. I come away from sessions sweating and smiling. It’s also given me the knowledge and drive to workout on my own at home, which Nathan has supported me through by setting up ‘no equipment’ workouts. 

In my eyes, it’s simple; it’s first class. The people, the gym and the culture. Make a change, get fit, stay strong. Go and see the trainers at SPC. 


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Lucy’s Story
“I feel in the best shape of my life in just 6 months”