Sussex Performance Centre

Nutrition For Fat Loss

Here is our nutrition for fat loss seminar we did via zoom for all SPC Members.

Please watch the 40 minute video above for how:

  • You can lose fat sustainably
  • How to maintain your diet when life gets in the way
  • Creating important social circles to help you adhere to your diet
  • What and when to eat your food
  • How to track calories
  • How to understand your relationship with food and alcohol
  • An example diet plan taken from our SPC nutrition camp

For downloading a calorie tracker, use one of these options:

  • Best for Tracking Calories and Fitness: Lose It! 
  • Best User Experience: My Fitness Pal 
  • Best for Quick and Easy Calorie Counting: Nutritionix 
  • Best for Long-Term Weight Management: WW 
  • Best for a Psychological Approach to Weight Management: Noom
  • Best for Building Healthier Habits: Lifesum 


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