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Over three quarters of people in the UK have concerns about their health going into 2024 


  • The top concerns are weight, mental health and not enough exercise 

  • Despite this, 75% say they will prioritise their loved one’s health over their own this year

  • Bupa expert urges people to take charge of their health in 2024

Over three quarters of UK adults (78%) have concerns about their health going in to 2024, with worries about weight and mental health being the biggest concerns for the year ahead.

Not exercising enough (20%), back problems (13%) and their diet (14%) were also key concerns, along with issues like blood pressure (10%) and managing pre-existing conditions such as diabetes (10%).

Despite this, the research, commissioned by Bupa Health Clinics showed that 75% of UK adults admit they will be prioritising other people’s physical and mental health over their own this year. 

Those most likely to put their health on the back burner are those aged 45-55 as they prioritise their children (45%), partners (32%) and parents (22%) leaving themselves at risk of more serious conditions.

Focus on you in 2024! Join a gym, sign up to a group training programme or seek the advice of a personal trainer. It will be the best decision you will ever make for your health and the influence on family!

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