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Personal Training at Sussex Performance Centre

Are you happy with how you feel? How you look? How you move? Do you have aspirations of being better than you were yesterday?

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Personal training is the bread and butter of SPC. Whether your goal is to lose body fat, become stronger, improve your stamina or simply feel the best you’ve ever felt, our PT packages provide training, nutrition and motivational support to ensure you surpass every one of your training goals.

Once joined you will enter the atmosphere of SPC which has been built from the years of creating our unique community. Your coach will fully embody your goals, dig deep to fully understand your lifestyle and what makes you tick. They will educate you about all aspects of your body and mind; how to get results without living in the gym, how to fuel yourself appropriately and how to adopt a mindset capable of achieving anything.

Become a unique part of the SPC community and surround yourself with likeminded people in an environment that fosters support, accountability and structure. For anyone who is serious about reaching your goals, our PT packages offer the complete approach to fitness, health and wellbeing.

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"SPC's approach is amazing, pushing me further than I would ever have done on my own. I have been coming since 2016 and I am now much more healthier, stronger and fitter as a result. Love it here"

Kath Wright

At SPC, our team is the number one asset. We believe we have the best in the business for what we offer, whether it is training, nutrition or rehabilitation. Our continued approach to professional development ensures each of us consistently enhance our knowledge and skills to deliver the best service possible to everyone associated with Sussex Performance Centre.

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