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The official podcast by Sussex Performance Centre – talking all things health, fitness and self improvement

Episode 7

Lockdown episode 2: Self Discovery Through Self Discipline

Uploaded on 3rd April, 2020

Is discipline necessary? Is It overrated? How do you achieve it and what if anything could you learn about yourself if you can introduce some control into your life. In the second episode of our lockdown series Rhys, Tom and Nathan discuss this in detail on our second video podcast to date! Head to the blog page on our website to view the video podcast or enjoy the audio here!

Rhys Gillings Nathan Da Costa Tom Austin
Episode 6

Lockdown episode 1

Uploaded on 28th March, 2020

This was the audio from our first video podcast recorded on ZOOM - to see the video and get the full experience then head over to the blog posts on our website to check out the link! In this episode Tom and Nath discuss exercise during the crisis, what SPC is doing for its members, the importance and routines in lockdown and more! Michelle makes a guest appearance too!

Nathan Da Costa Tom Austin
Episode 5

You NEED to hear this !

Uploaded on 9th March, 2020

What holds you back ? Time, availability, money, access, kids, work, life?.....or are they just stories you tell yourself that keep you from making positive changes to your life and health? In this episode the team sit down and discuss excuses and what barriers they encounter on a weekly basis with their clients that they overcome to achieve amazing results!

Michelle Davidson Nathan Da Costa Tom Austin
Episode 4

Introducing Performance Coach and PT, Rhys

Uploaded on 18th February, 2020

This week, Michelle and Tom speak to the new addition to the SPC team, Rhys Gillings. Rhys has a wealth of experience and is currently completing his Masters Degree in strength and conditioning.

Michelle Davidson Tom Austin Rhys Gillings
Episode 3

How to optimise your routines

Uploaded on 2nd February, 2020

Having a morning routine isn’t a magic pill and certainly won’t fix everything but it can set the tone for the whole day. Nathan and Tom discuss a simple effective routine for both the morning and evening, how they impact each other and how you can make it part of your life with relative ease!

Tom Austin Nathan Da Costa
Episode 2

How to make results with only 3 days per week

Uploaded on 26th January, 2020

Can you make progress on 3 days a week? Make changes, see results? If so how would you do it? Today we sit down and discuss what your options are and how you could optimise our nutrition and training to ensure you make amazing results in the minimum amount of time possible!

Michelle Davidson Nathan Da Costa Tom Austin
Episode 1

We’re back! Season 2 Episode 1 – Talking 2020 goals and resolutions!

Uploaded on 9th January, 2020

We're back ! A few weeks off enjoying the festive season but now well into 2020! Today the team talk about everything going on at SPC and how important goal setting and sticking to your resolutions can be for your upcoming year!

Nathan Da Costa Tom Austin Michelle Davidson
Episode 14

Are these foods slowing your progress?

Uploaded on 15th December, 2019

You might be surprised by this weeks episode! Tom and Nathan discuss some household dietary staples that may be slowing your progress!

Tom Austin Nathan Da Costa
Episode 13

Whats coming up in 2020

Uploaded on 1st December, 2019

Today we look back over 2019 and ahead to whats coming up on 2020; new programs, new courses and new coaches!

Nathan Da Costa Tom Austin Michelle Davidson
Episode 12

These are the 10 best exercises…..or are they?

Uploaded on 19th November, 2019

Today the team discuss an article Coach Nath read regarding the best 10 exercises for various muscles groups and we compare what they said, with what we think! Listen out for Big Mich dropping knowledge bombs!

Tom Austin Nathan Da Costa Michelle Davidson
Episode 11

10 things to STOP doing NOW

Uploaded on 10th November, 2019

Are you really being honest with yourself? Are you doing everything you can to achieve your goals? Or are you falling prey to a few excuses, a few distractions, the occasional blame game or victim mentality? Today the team talk through the 10 things you need to stop doing immediately if you want to succeed! Things that will slow your progress and keep you exactly where you have always been - recognise the signs and make some positive changes to achieve the best version of yourself!!

Tom Austin Nathan Da Costa Michelle Davidson
Episode 10

The number one thing you’re NOT training!

Uploaded on 5th November, 2019

Tom, Nathan, Michell talk about the number one thing people often overlook when approaching their training! What it is and how you can use it to catapult your results!

Tom Austin Nathan Da Costa Michelle Davidson
Episode 9

How to stay focussed when adversity strikes!

Uploaded on 21st October, 2019

In todays episode we discuss adversity. Something that everyone will go through at some point in their life, adversity can derail your physical progress if you let it. Acknowledging what your form of adversity is and how to own it to ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle, which will allow you to be in a stronger position physiologically, to deal with the problems in your life!

Nathan Da Costa Tom Austin Michelle Davidson
Episode 8

Who and What is SPC

Uploaded on 14th October, 2019

Episode 8 sees the team sit down and talk about SPC. How it started, where it all began and what work has gone into making it one of the most recognisable brands on the south coast. Building a reputation for a results based, community of clients and trainers dedicated to the optimisation of the health and wellbeing of as many people as possible.

Tom Austin Michelle Davidson Nathan Da Costa
Episode 7

Introducing Coach Aarran Racine

Uploaded on 7th October, 2019

In this episode we introduce SPC Coach Aarran Racine to the podcast community. Aarran has been coaching at SPC for 18 months now and heads up our Youth Development program. With a background in professional football, we sit down and discuss his career, entry to elite sport, injury recoveries, how the youth program has developed and what his vision is for the future of the program.

Nathan Da Costa Tom Austin Michelle Davidson Aarran Racine
Episode 6

7 Fat loss myths you need to know!

Uploaded on 30th September, 2019

She's back; This week Michelle joins the team to discuss 7 fat loss myths! We all want to burn more fat but often we fall into a few common traps that are more 'bro science' than actual science. In this episode we discuss an article by Ultimate Performance that highlights 7 potential problems that people are falling victim to that may be hampering fat loss progress!

Tom Austin Michelle Davidson Nathan Da Costa
Episode 5

Coaches Corner

Uploaded on 21st September, 2019

A completely random conversation between Tom and Nathan recorded on a late Sunday evening. Not one to take notes from but certainly a more relaxed and we hope enjoyable listen nonetheless.

Tom Austin Nathan Da Costa
Episode 4

Accountability and Mindset

Uploaded on 16th September, 2019

The last in the beginners guide to fat loss series. Tom and Nathan sit down in this episode and discuss accountability; what it means, why is it important, how to set your foundations and when to outsource it if necessary.

Tom Austin Nathan Da Costa
Episode 3

Training for beginners

Uploaded on 8th September, 2019

The second instalment of the beginners guide to fat loss - coaches Tom and Nathan sit down and talk training. How to organise your program, what movements to do, resistance training versus cardio and some ways to improve your recovery! Questions get answered, experiences get discussed and your training week gets broken down, in the latest from the team at SPC

Tom Austin Nathan Da Costa
Episode 2

Nutrition 101

Uploaded on 30th August, 2019

Tom, Nathan and Michelle sit down and discuss nutrition for beginners. Following on from our first episode on a beginners guide to fat lass, this is the next instalment in our series.

Tom Austin Nathan Da Costa Michelle Davidson
Episode 1

Beginners Guide to Fat Loss

Uploaded on 21st August, 2019

The first podcast from SPC - Today we sit down to discuss the basic fundamentals of fat loss touching on the article published last week. In this episode we cover nutrition, training and accountability.

Tom Austin Nathan Da Costa