Sussex Performance Centre

Polly’s Story: Losing 12kg!

Over the past two years I’ve lost 12kg and dramatically improved my strength and health.

I started training with Tom 3 times a week following a consistent weight training plan. I’d never been in a fun environment like the one at SPC before.

All the coaches love what they do and the atmosphere is second to none!

There really aren’t any who’s at all and everyone there is dedicated to improving their health. I wasn’t put on any extreme diet plan, I was just educated on how to make nutrition work for me.

I now eat more than I did when I was 12 kg heavier and I get to enjoy the things I always used too!

My fitness has improved along with my confidence. Consistency has allowed me to enjoy every aspect of my training and I can’t thank the team at SPC for all their work and efforts!

It really is an amazing place to train.

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At SPC we treat everyone with individuality to find out what the barriers are for them to achieve their health and fitness goals. We don’t judge nor do we assume. We take our time to understand your mindset to get the best out f YOU. If you’d like any help or advice, drop us a line here. 


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