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The Nutritional Beast


Fed up of not getting anywhere with your nutrition? Fed up of always reading information that seems to confuse rather than help you?

Following on from our behind closed doors body composition camp with a select number of our SPC members, we have produced the nutritional beast to help you achieve the changes to your physique that you have always wanted.

Don’t be fooled, training will only take you so far. A well planned nutritional programme is what truly distinguishes the people that make unbelievable changes to their body.

The nutritional beast is a condensed version of our body composition camp which resulted in 11 individuals achieving 60kgs of weight loss in just 8 weeks!

  • Includes information on how to set your calorie target based on your goals
  • What timescale you can expect when it comes to achieving results
  • What macros are beneficial to focus on for long term health and weight loss
  • Which foods to eat
  • How to design your meal plan with 3 different meal plans provided