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Reset Your Body After An Indulgent Weekend

We all love a great weekend of socialising, seeing friends & family and enjoying the finer things in the life.

Whilst we are huge advocates of balance when it comes to living a healthy life, it’s important to not let too many heavy weekends take their toll.

Here are some simple tips to help you get back on track from Monday

Avoid staying in bed, instead get up and go for a walk. Getting fresh air and sunlight first thing in the morning has shown to boost mood, productivity and even have a positive effect on your circadian rhythm to help you sleep better at night.

Avoid skipping meals! Start back with your healthy routine of eating as soon as you can. If stomaching food is hard for you, ensure you drink plenty of water to reduce the impact dehydration can have on your energy levels.

Focus on eating high protein, nutritious meals. As easy as sugar is to consume, particularly when you have a hangover, it will set your body up to crave more of the stuff as the day goes on. Eat something like an omelette with plenty of vegetables to give you the best nutrition first thing.

Don’t beat yourself up and throw the towel in! Enjoy the weekend you have had and start the week straight back on plan. Don’t let a great weekend turn into a week of binging. This is all about mindset!

Has this cycle become too much of a habit? SPC can help you achieve your health and fitness goals whilst supporting your lifestyle. Contact us here!


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