Sussex Performance Centre

Roy’s Story

Why SPC?

The community atmosphere at SPC is really special.

They have a non judgemental team who have first supported me from the very first time I walked through the door. The hour a week I spend with Nathan not only supports my aspiration to shift my paunch, but also my ability to de stress from the pressures of a fairly full on day job.

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I’ve dropped 8 kilos, significantly reduced my body fat, increased my muscle mass, whilst enjoying the mix of activities that Nathan has planned for me, keeping our sessions fresh and enjoyable.

The extra curricular activities such as the SPC games and the quiz night has allowed me to meet some fellow members of the SPC community, who are all great sports!

Community builds accountability – being a part of a gym with a community that makes your gym feel like a second home helps to make your training more of a habit. Agree? Find out if your gym loves you here.

For me, what makes it special (apart from the atmosphere, the trainers, their knowledge etc)  is obviously Dennis, the amazing gym dog! If you haven’t met him, he’s a total legend and ready to provide some motivation at a moments notice!

Even when I am away from SPC, their online content keeps me focused and their recent cook book keeps me from reaching for the take away menu!

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Aside from Dennis, it’s the whole package at SPC; a dedicated team who are client focused, with no egos, driving performance in a great environment. I love coming here which has made such a positive experience to my life.

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