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It’s time to take control back on our bodies. This is SPC Saturdays.

We know you’ve seen our posts about our group training programmes. We know you have wanted to attend. We know finding time in the week can be tough. Well guess what? The excuses stop now.

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Welcome to SPC Saturdays, our only mixed male and female group training programme. We don’t care if you have had training experience or not. We don’t care how old you are. All we care about is teaching you how to adopt a training mindset that pushes you to that unique place where the magic truly does happen and the results always follow.

Our group training programme has a proven track record of improving each members strength, mobility and conditioning. Using our expertise we adopt a periodised strength and conditioning approach to ensure you train with the correct intensity, learning how to fuel yourself for action and push beyond your previous limits. You will be driven by our coaches in a challenging, fun and committed environment allowing you to chase down your training goals with renewed determination.

You will have continuous support through our private WhatsApp group, where we actively encourage accountability and attendance that truly makes SPC Saturday’s a standout group training service. We run regular nutritional, training and educational seminars that form the rest of the 12 week programme. Trust us, we get results.

Each training group is limited in numbers to ensure the community of members create a unique atmosphere that has been shown to be so successful in our SPC men and SPC Women group training programmes.

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I have never been fitter or stronger and am in the best shape of my life.

Jan Miller, SPC Group Training Member

SPC Saturdays follows a once weekly training schedule. Each week will include one strength and conditioning session, based on a progressive programme that will allow you to see improvements from beginning to end. Each session will combine weight training with high intensity conditioning work. It is suitable for men and women of all abilities from beginner to advanced. Just be prepared to work hard.

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