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SPC Blast: The Newest Addition To SPC’s Group Training Family

SPC Blast is our latest addition to the SPC group training family! This group training session will be our first which solely focuses on conditioning exercises using our cardiovascular machines.

This group training session complements the training programmes our existing SPC Men, Women and Personal Training members perform.

SPC Blast will be a 30 minute class that runs on the following days/times:

  • Wednesday at 1pm
  • Saturdays at 9.15am

Each session will involve bouts of short duration/high intensity efforts on our cardio kit. Think assault bikes, ski ergs, battle ropes, watt bikes, rowers, assault runner etc. The focus of this class is to improve an individual’s cardiovascular fitness that will help them during SPC Men, Women and Personal Training sessions. Additionally, this class can help someone work towards fitness based events or simply help someone feel more capable of achieving tasks that tend to make you out of breath!

SPC Blast will be a 6 week programme where individuals can sign up for one or two sessions per week. This time frame allows you to see an actual improvement in your cardiovascular fitness.

SPC Blast launches week beginning February 14th 2022 and runs for 6 weeks.

We are limiting the spaces to very small numbers so we can ensure we get results out of each and every member.  If you’re already an SPC member, this will work fantastically well with your existing group or personal training programme.

The cost of the group is £40 for one session a week or £75 for two sessions a week (6 week duration). 

Contact us here to register your interest in joining this absolute firecracker of a class!

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