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SPC Condition is 45-minute high intensity interval training with a specific focus on improving conditioning to aid fat loss.

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This 12-week programme is specifically designed for those individuals who struggle to find the time to regularly train and therefore get the results they want. We appreciate that time is a major barrier to exercise and with that in mind, we have developed a concept that will help you achieve your goals in a minimal amount of time. If you need that extra incentive to kickstart your training and work beyond your comfort zone, then this is the perfect training environment for you.

The training structure has evolved from a traditional circuit format. The main session will last 45 minutes meaning that you are in and out of the gym before you have even had a chance to think about it. The 12-week block is periodised for each individual, allowing you to track your progress week on week, session on session.

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Far too many people enter the gym and go through the motions with no idea of how or when to progress. Every last set, rep and calorie burnt is recorded to not only signify the progress you are making, but to compete against other individuals within SPC as well.

This concept has been developed with you in mind. The condition concept ensures that training is set at an intensity which will improve your conditioning in a progressive, structured manner and aid fat loss. Surrounded by like-minded individuals who are striving to achieve the same goal, the SPC community will drive you to new training heights. If you are struggling to adhere to your training, see the results you want or find the time to train, then this concept is for you.

Accountability. Support. Community. Results. CONDITIONED.

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