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SPC Trainers Share Their Top Workout Tips

Beginning a fitness journey has its challenges. It can be daunting and progress doesn’t happen overnight. However, it can have it’s advantages.

It’s a chance to learn about your strengths and all that your body can accomplish, whatever your goals may be.

SPC sits down with Coaches Michelle, Tom and Nathan to discuss about working out for the first time, getting into a training routine and how they stay consistent with their training. You’ll read about avoiding burnout, finding the fun in exercise, making goals that aren’t just about aesthetics, and more.


Coach Michelle

Believe in the process

“Whatever your goal is, whether it be body composition, strength-related, or performance-focused, takes time,” she explains. “Every person’s body reacts differently to a training plan because of genetics” she adds. “The most important thing that will ensure you see results is putting in the hard work in every aspect of your training journey. This means during your workouts, in the kitchen, improving your stress management, sleep and recovery that can stagnate progress” Michelle said.

Michelle’s top tip: find a personal trainer that helps understand your barriers to exercise, your training experience, your daily life and your habits. They will be able to develop a training plan that will get results for YOU.

Coach Tom

Chose performance based goals opposed to aesthetic goals

“I think it is a great idea when people want to make changes aesthetically to their bodies, but physical changes can come slowly, especially for some people” he explained. “Others can be genetically blessed and may see changes more quickly. There are going to be times in your life when your priorities shift and you can’t be as consistent with your schedule. Sometimes this can result in seeing negative physical changes, which can be discouraging” Tom added.

However, performance based goals can be exciting. “Performance based goals provide many of us with the focus required to train consistently which can actually even help you get to your aesthetic goals as well” he said. For instance, “if you have goals of gaining muscle size and then you have performance-based goals of increasing the weights that you’re using and pushing hard on an exercise, you’re going to see [physical] changes by reaching those performance-based goals.”

The idea is that you’re seeing your body in a different way and then appreciating it in a different way. Therefore you’re not just fixated on how it looks physically. I find that this generally makes people stick with training a lot longer as they feel good about themselves and what they can do with their bodies” Tom explains.

Tom’s top tip: join a community of likeminded people when it comes to staying motivated and committed to achieving your goals. These people can sometimes help you out in times when your motivation waiver.

Coach Nathan

Everyone was a beginner once

“I think it is important to remember that you are never truly alone when you start your training journey. I still consider myself a beginner in a number of fitness pursuits” Nathan admitted.

“You have to trust yourself and know that you are solely responsible for where you’re going and what your fitness journey looks like. You never have to prove anything to anyone. Just ensure you work hard, train hard and smart and level up on everything such as your nutrition and sleep” he added. “There is so much information out there already that we really don’t have any excuses anymore”.

Nathan’s top tip: motivation comes and goes but dedication is your most important ally. Pick a training programme that focuses on progressively making you fitter or stronger and know that you will become more confident in the gym because of that.

At SPC we treat everyone with individuality to find out what the barriers are for them to achieve their health and fitness goals. We don’t judge nor do we assume. We take our time to understand your mindset to get the best out of YOU. If you’d like any help or advice, drop us a line here. 

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