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It’s Time To Stop Lying To Yourself & Start Exercising. Here’s How.

Ok, we get it. You’ve said it before. You have no time to get to the gym. You have no time to exercise. You know what? We’re calling bullshit.

Three times per week at home. 45 minute sessions. Nothing but bodyweight exercises. Nothing more, nothing less.

You can’t afford to eat healthily? You can’t eat that much protein in a day? Healthy eating is eating from the land – it is that simple. Cut out the man-made rubbish; the cereal, the cakes, the pastries and the chocolate. That stuff is expensive. Stick to what comes straight from our planet; you’ll be healthier, you’ll feel better, you’ll look better and it would undoubtedly save you money.

We aren’t oblivious to the odd exceptions. The single parents or those working more than one job. From the hundreds of people we have had visit SPC, these are extremely rare scenarios and ones that we work with our clients to make them tie exercise into their weekly life. It can be done. You can find a way. It can be sustainable.

You have one life and one body. You have a responsibility to yourself and your family to use it, to keep it healthy, to experience the amazing feelings that come with the endorphins of exercise. Time goes so fast, don’t waste what your body is capable of doing because one day you will wake up in your 70s or 80s, to wonder where the time has gone. You won’t have the energy or the resilience you’re capable of now. Do not waste it.

The most important thing it boils down to is desire. Desire is more important that dedication. Do you have the desire to have a six pack year round? To not eat that piece of cake? To stay fit to play with your young children rather than being slouched on the sofa? Whatever your goals may be, desire is what you will need. Desire keeps that flame inside you burning when faced with many setbacks, obstacles and hurdles along the way.

To be frank, if you aren’t achieving the goals you set out to achieve, you are lacking in desire. We can all blame others for this but the buck stops at you. Our primary job at SPC is to give you that visceral feeling every time you train, to feed your desire to achieve your goals and to create a sustainable exercise habit.

There are many options. Join our group training to feel part of a team community. Speak to one of our trainers about how personal training works for you, your goals and your schedule. Sign up your child to our youth training programme to teach them the basics of strength training.

We can help shape your life. We pride ourselves in doing so. What are you waiting for? 

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