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The 3 Types Of People Who Struggle To Improve Their Health

Tons of people struggle to see results. They just don’t seem capable of adopting a healthy lifestyle. But why? Do they all just have the same unfortunate genetics?

Understand this; those that never see results often have a habit of thinking a certain way. They make excuses, blame others and let themselves continually off the hook.

The Person That Is Always Injured

Of course, injuries are part of life and the road to recovery is an individual thing, but that’s still no excuse to sit idle on the sofa. Research consistently shows, exercising is beneficial for working around and rehabbing injuries/pain.

Not only can you exercise while injured, you can still get great results. Ask anybody who’s gotten in great shape before. I guarantee you they had to work around a few injuries. To put it bluntly, we all have injuries and mishaps. Yours isn’t special.

Outside of some severe exceptions, anyone can find a pain-free exercise for each body part. Even in the worst-case scenarios, you can still train other muscles while letting your injury heal. Training one limb while the injured counterpart is healing can even boost strength in both.

Do not be caught in the trap that you are too broken to train. You’re not.

Our group training programme aims to help those that suffer with an inability to attend the gym on a regular basis with it’s twice weekly training schedule 

The Obstacle Searcher

The obstacle searcher doesn’t train or eat healthy because no solution is good enough for them. They’d rather search for obstacles than accept a solution and put in the work.

The obstacle searcher will often complain about not having enough time to exercise. If you suggest they train on the weekends, they’ll say that’s family time. If you suggest they train after work, they’ll say they’re too tired. If you suggest they train before work, they’ll say they’re not a morning person. You get the picture?

The same goes with dieting. They’ll say they want a simple diet. If you show them how to go low carb, they’ll say they love carbs too much. If you show them low-fat diets, they’ll then say they love fat too much. You might suggest to eat a balanced diet while sticking to whole foods to ensure a deficit… and they’ll call you crazy and say they can’t live without cake.

Finally, you suggest they track macros so they can still fit cake into their diet while losing weight, but they’ll still complain about having to track calories.

This cycle of complaining repeats itself ad nauseum. Obstacle searchers don’t want solutions. They want more obstacles to avoid the fact they’re unwilling to make any sort of compromise regardless of how many solutions are provided.

Personal training provides you with the accountability that is often missing on someone’s fitness journey. Saying you want to get healthy sometimes isn’t enough motivation to make it truly happen. 

The Person Who Will Start After This Event

They promise to start working out and eating healthy after a specific event. They’re apparently waiting until after work settles down, after the holidays, after their wedding, after their sister’s baby shower, or after the holiday weekend. The list goes on and on… for years.

Here’s the truth: Life never gets less busy. New people will enter your life next month. Responsibilities will accumulate every week. There will always be another event quickly approaching.

Thinking your schedule gets freer as you progress through life is like thinking your hair grows thicker as you approach your 60s. That’s some wishful thinking.

Instead, proactively carve out a few hours each week to train and have healthy food readily available. These designated hours are precious and, apart from the rare exception, you must mercilessly fight for them to stay on track. It sounds extreme, but so is procrastinating for decades.

Don’t be this person. You can do something about it. Reach out for advice on how you can change your health around. The time is now MORE THAN EVER. 

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