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The 8 Best Exercises To Grow Your Glutes

Most people think they know how to train their glutes, but they don’t. They’re the ones who believe squats, deadlifts, and lunges are the best glute exercises, and they’ve normally spent years getting very strong at these.

Squatting, deadlifting, and lunging, can make the glutes sore but they don’t strengthen the glutes much. They target the quads and erector spinae. Even box squatting, walking lunges, and sumo deadlifts don’t activate much glute in comparison to the exercises below.

If you study glute activation, you will see that most individual’s glutes contract harder during body weight glute activation exercises than from heavy squats and deadlifts.

So How Do You Train Your Glutes Effectively?

Well lucky for you, the majority of these exercises involve nothing but your own bodyweight and the addition of a mini resistance band, Below are the 8 best exercises we include in our SPC Women and SPC Mum’s group training programme.

We recommend Bret Contreras’ Glute Loops, although a mini resistance band will also work well.

Forward and Back Steps

  • Keep feet wider than hips
  • Do not let the knees cave in
  • Be in an quarter squat position

Side To Side Steps

  • Be in a quarter squat position
  • Feet stay wide, they never come narrower than your hips!

Seated Abductions

  • Lean forward slightly
  • Feet in line with the hips and let the feet roll “out”

Frog Pumps

  • Soles of your feet together
  • Feet positioned close to your bottom
  • It works well if you wedge your feet against an immovable object, like your wall
  • Keep head and shoulders off the floor

Side-Lying Abductions

  • Ensure the movement is being generated by the glutes
  • Turn your toe inwards as you perform the movement

Fire Hydrants

  • Maintain the same body position as your hips move

Hip Thrusts

  • Push through the glutes
  • Lift toes off the floor
  • Push through your heels
  • Really contract your bum hard at the top of the movement and hold for a brief second


  • Feet very close to your bottom
  • Move band to below knees

Want to train your whole lower body? We have just the programme for you.

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