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The Best Gear To Exercise With in 2022

How we train has changed and so has the gear we use to train with. Here are SPC’s top selections for what to buy in 2022 to help aid you health and fitness journey.

Nike Metcon 6

The Nike Metcon, already popular among the CrossFit community for the stability it offers during weight-focused workouts and the freedom of movement for dynamic exercises, has a wide platform to keep you planted firmly when performing lifts. The Metcon 6 offers improved flexibility and makes it easier for you to break a sweat without overheating underfoot.

This updated style features an all-mesh upper that touts an 18-percent increase in breathability from its last version. The fine-tuned cushioning is firmer in the back and just plush enough up front to help maximize your mobility with every move. A durable, ridged outsole does an amazing job at gripping the floor.

We find these shoes a great choice for gym based activities but we wouldn’t say they are the best for running due to the firmness of the sole. 

SPC group training is soon to return to SPC. Find out how you can get involved here!

Apple Watch Series 6

One of the most used and one of the best smart watches out there for tracking your fitness efforts. The new Apple watch can measure blood oxygen levels, track your calories during workouts and monitor your sleep patterns.

It is also the fastest charging model available which is extremely handy when you want to get a quick workout in. 

Read about how accurate smart watches actually are right here!

Nuun Sports Electrolytes Tablets

For all of us but especially those of you that sweat a lot during exercise.

The American College of Sports Medicine’s position on hydration during exercise is clear: replace every bit of what you use. Sodium, chloride, and potassium are the critical trifecta for maintaining electrolyte balance during exercise. Magnesium moderates oxygen uptake in our muscles, increasing our endurance. Water is water and we sweat out a lot of it. Nuun Electrolyte tablets provide 360 mg of sodium, 100 mg of potassium, 25 mg of magnesium, 13 mg of calcium, 1 gram of sugar, and 10 calories. A popular 20-ounce sports drink comes complete with less of what you need and more of what you don’t: 270 mg sodium, 75 mg potassium, zero magnesium, zero calcium, 34 grams of sugar, and 140 calories.

Don’t forget that hydration is key for your energy levels!

Ultimate Performance Protein Powder 

U.P.’s Whey Protein makes shakes in seconds, with a taste that is unmatched. Made with premium natural protein, U.P. Whey Protein is ultra-filtered and highly bioavailable, giving you a fast-absorbing and moreishly creamy shake.

Suitable for anyone looking to build or maintain muscle mass, featuring 24g of high-grade protein and only 1g of carbohydrates per serving. Anyone who works out can benefit from a post-workout protein shake and extra protein in their diet to help provide the building blocks for muscle growth.

We recommend a post workout shake containing protein is consumed within 30 minutes of leaving SPC to initiate the recovery process. 

Check out SPC’s full article on supplements here!

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