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The Bodyweight Beast 2.0: The Ultimate Guide To Training Without A Gym

Welcome to the Bodyweight Beast 2.0! Based on our original bodyweight beast programme comes the next stage of our home workout routines to take your physique and your fitness to the next level all from the comfort of your own home.

This is a home workout programme for those of you that want to look better, significantly improve your fitness and build some muscle whilst having limited access to any equipment in just 4 weeks.

This workout has been designed for the following:

  • someone who has completed our 4 week bodyweight beast programme or takes part in any of our online services (personal, group or youth training)
  • someone who is looking to build muscle and develop general fitness whilst working all the major muscle groups a number of times per week
  • has limited access to any equipment, other than shopping bags and household items (dumbbells can be used if you have them)
  • has limited experience of bodyweight exercises, although this can be regressed/progressed for all levels (see video below)
  • both males and females, although the exercises are more in line with the training style of many men (ladies only workout coming very soon)
  • someone who also wants to do other forms of exercise (this programme can be performed 2-4x per week alongside other exercise pursuits)

Please see the video below to fully understand the fundamentals/exercises of the programme:

Purchase the Bodyweight Beast 2.0 RIGHT HERE via our SPC shop 

Struggling with your eating habits as well?

Alongside the release of the bodyweight beast 2.0, we have developed our most comprehensive guide EVER on nutrition using our research and insights to create a programme to rewire your eating habits. The Nutritional Beast provides you with all the information needed to eat the most effective way to improve your physique, lose weight, feel amazing, have more energy and sleep better.

The Nutritional Beast can be used alongside the Bodyweight Beast 2.0 or any of our online services (personalgroup or youth training).

If you want the ultimate home workout plan and detailed information on nutrition, use the code ‘BEAST” at the checkout (once both items are in your cart) to pay only a total of £9.99!

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