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The Bodyweight Beast For Women: The Complete Home Workout

Welcome to the Bodyweight Beast for women! The home workout for those of you that want to build some muscle whilst having no access to any equipment.

This workout is completely FREE and is based on our original bodyweight beast programme


This workout has been designed for the following:

  • females who are looking to build muscle with a specific focus on the lower body for up to 3 training sessions per week.
  • has no access to any equipment (other than shopping bags and household items).
  • has limited experience of bodyweight exercises, although this can be regressed/progressed for all levels (see video).
  • someone who is already performing conditioning style workouts (this programme can be performed 1-3x per week alongside other exercise pursuits and your ability to recover).
  • Please note: the programme is set up in a superset fashion, meaning that you perform two exercises back to back without rest (A1 and A2 for example). You complete the desired number of sets for both exercises before moving on to the next combination. The final three exercises are completed one after another without rest (E1, E2 and E3).
  • Please note:¬†tempo of 2010 means 2 seconds to lower the weight without holding at the end position (0 seconds) before performing the movement in 1 second and not pausing (0 seconds) at the top of the movement.
  • Please note: all the exercises are accompanied by a video link in the downloadable document below.

You can perform the programme without the use of a resistance band, although some exercises can be improved by using one. We recommend Bret Contreras’ Glute Loops¬†

Please see the video above to fully understand the fundamentals of the programme. The video to each exercise is found HERE on our YouTube channel

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Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay happy. Stay at home.

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