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The Nutritional Beast: Look & Feel Awesome With The Best Diet Plan In 2022

Welcome to the Nutritional Beast! Experience the most effective way to improve your physique, lose weight, feel amazing, have more energy and sleep better with SPC’s most comprehensive guide to help you rewire your habits and make long lasting changes to your body’s appearance.

The nutritional beast is a condensed version of our body composition camp which resulted in 11 individuals achieving 60kgs of weight loss in just 8 weeks!

Following on from our behind closed doors body composition camp with a select number of SPC members, we have produced the nutritional beast to help you achieve the changes to your physique that you have always wanted.

Don’t be fooled, training will only take you so far. A well planned nutritional programme is what truly distinguishes the people that make unbelievable changes to their body.

What is included in the Nutritional Beast?

  • Information on how to set your calorie target based on your goals
  • What timescale you can expect when it comes to achieving results
  • What macros are beneficial to focus on for long term health and weight loss
  • Which foods to eat
  • How to design your meal plan with 3 different meal plans provided

We’ve used our research and insights to create a programme to help rewire your habits and understanding of food. The nutritional beast makes it easy for you to form new habits, ones that help you sleep better, eat better, and feel better. Habits that help you lose weight and keep it off.

Following our SPC body composition course, we know the key to successful change is keeping it up, long term. With the nutritional beast, this information helps you keep up these positive changes for good. In the end you’ll find you’re not trying to lose weight, depriving yourself or counting calories, you’re just living better, every day.

Purchase the Nutritional Beast RIGHT HERE via our SPC shop 

The Nutritional Beast can be used alongside the Bodyweight Beast 2.0 or any of our online services (personal, group or youth training). If you want the ultimate home workout plan and detailed information on nutrition, use the code ‘BEAST” at the checkout (once both items are in your cart) to pay only a total of £9.99!

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