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The Running Beast: The Ultimate Conditioning Programme

Welcome to the latest addition of our bodyweight beast home workout plans. This one is all about building your engine the simplest way possible!

The Running Beast is a 4-week programme that has been designed specifically to enhance the performance of 5 or 10km runners. With that in mind, if you do not currently have a base level of conditioning, it is recommended that you develop your endurance before utilising this plan. 

We recommend running for at least 1-2 weeks before diving into this programme so you are ready to fire on all cylinders!

The Running Beast utilises a variety of different training methods that include fartlek training, interval training and continuous training. Below is an outline of each method and how to get the best out of each session. 

The Running Beast can be used alongside our personal training sessions, SPC Men and SPC Women programmes and either of the Bodyweight Beast plans

Interval Training: Physical training consisting of alternating periods of high intensity and low intensity. 

Intervals are implemented within the training plan to improve lactate threshold. In simple terms, it improves your ability to sustain high intensity exercise. In theory, you will be able to run at a quicker pace for a longer period of time and ultimately, improve your running performance. 

Within the template the number of intervals (reps), interval distance (duration) & ideal training zone (approx. HR) is specified. For instance, the heart rate (HR) zone is displayed as a percentage of max heart rate i.e. 90-95%.  Exercising at this intensity is tough, you should expect to be challenged during these intervals. 

The work to rest ratio (W:R) is supplied to inform you of the required rest periods. Throughout the interval sessions the ratio is 1:1, meaning you should rest for the same amount of time as it took you to complete the interval. 

** Please note, if you are aiming to improve 5km performance, please half the number of 0.5km & 1km intervals throughout the plan **

Fartlek Training

A Swedish term that refers to ‘speed play’. Fartlek running involves varying your pace throughout your run, alternating between fast segments and slow jogs.

This method of training is similar to intervals however includes an active recovery. The template displays an approximate heart rate zone of 90-95% / 70%. This refers to the intensity of the fast segments and slower jogs. If you do not have access to a heart rate monitor, run at a pace that is challenging for the outlined duration. 

The work to rest ratio for fartlek training is 1:3. This means that you should increase your running pace for the designated time (30s) and run at a slower pace for 1-minute 30s. Alternate between these intensities and time periods for the allotted repetitions. 

Continuous Training

Continuous training is a form of exercise that is performed at a ‘continuous’ intensity throughout and doesn’t involve any rest periods.

This is the simplest form of training on the running beast. The approximate HR zone is 70%, however the most important factor is sustaining a stable running pace for the designated amount of time. Over the four weeks, the continuous training period increases. 

Time Trial: A test of a competitor’s individual speed over a set distance.

Throughout the running beast programme there are two time trials. The first is set at the end of week one to get an understanding of your current running ability. The other time trial is at the end of the Running Beast to gauge your improvement from the programme.

If you intend to improve 5km running performance, undergo a 5km time trial at the start and end of the programme. If you intend to improve 5km running performance, undergo a 5km time trial at the start and end of the programme.

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A final message.

This programme has a lot of attention to detail. The primary purpose is to provide progressive training that will help to keep you accountable during this lockdown period. Implementing this style of training is tough however it will ultimately improve your running performance and hopefully provide you with some alternative training methods

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