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The Top 3 Rules For Success When Dieting


In this article we will share with you the defining principles that underpin the nutritional guidance we offer our clients and what we feel comprises the most important things to follow for long term physical health with results you can be proud of.

This advice is based on SPC’s eagerly anticipated Body Composition Camp which has been trialled with our current members

  1. Eat. From. The. Land.

You have probably heard this one a thousand times and it really is the most simplistic and effective advice you could give someone that has no intention of tracking macros or counting calories and couldn’t give a shit about nutrient timing or the pros and cons of carb backloading (as if anyone does care about that)!

Eat wholesome foods, preferably from a farmer. Things that grow from the ground, fall from tress and live outside. Now this doesn’t mean that processed foods are the devil, but it means that 90% of your diet should comprise healthy natural foods to allow you to occasionally indulge those dirty cravings. You don’t need any crazy diet approaches with this one and if you did follow this rule, you’d probably find your sleep, focus, sex, weight, digestion and overall health could drastically improve.

  1. Calories are half the battle. Learning healthy habits is the other.

Nick Mitchell from Ultimate performance says it best;

‘Calories do count and anyone who tells you otherwise is sniffing glue. However, not all calories are equal – 1,000 calories from pizza aren’t the same as 1,000 calories from chicken.

To make matters even more complicated, the more out of shape you are the harder it is for your body to handle certain types of calories (from carbohydrates), so a lean, muscular man can chow down the same carb calories as a fat person and the lean guy could very well stay lean, whilst the fat guy will get fatter!

Unless you have a very specific goal that you’re aiming for, I find that most people do best using portion control rather than anally counting out calories, but as always with diet, it’s about what works best to maximise adherence and long-term habits for you as an individual.’

In summary, a diet/nutrition plan should educate the individual on how their body respond’s to certain foods, what to eat and at what times of the day and it should encourage the formation of long-term healthy habits.

If it’s not doing that then the chances of success for the future are slim to none!

  1. Don’t chase perfection. Tenacious consistency.

Be tenacious. You’re going to make mistakes. You’re human, it’s fine, accept it and move on. One cheat meal does not make you fat nor does one salad make you thin. It’s the accumulation of both that results in fat gain or weight loss. If you want results, results you can be proud of, you need to apply some consistent hard work and a tenacious attachment to that goal regardless of what may occasionally trip you up. 

The more consistent and strict you are on your diet, the better and faster your results will be.

Follow these five healthy habits that form lifelong progress:

  1. Eat every 2-4 hours
  2. Eat protein at every mealtime
  3. Eat leaf greens with every meal
  4. Consume low gi carbs
  5. Mix your healthy fats

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