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The Top 6 Exercises To Keep You Conditioned For Sport

During this lockdown it’s hard to get those functional movements in as well as hitting some of the muscles which we use for our sports. 

Here are 6 exercises you can do at home during this time to keep your conditioning ticking over for your sport.

Hamstring Isometric holds with hamstring walk outs

Great exercise to strengthen the hamstrings to help with overall sprint speed.

  • 4×30 second holds
  • 4x 5 Walkouts
  • Aim to keep hips high without letting them drop during the exercise

Adductor isometric holds with pulses 

  • 4×30 second holds each leg
  • 4×12/15 pulses each leg
  • Keep entire body as straight as possible during the Isometric hold
  • Don’t let hips rotate

Split squat

Helps increase glute strength which plays a big part in deceleration and change of direction.

  • 4×30 second holds each leg
  • 4×15 reps each leg
  • Try not to let your knee go over your toe too much
  • Push through your heel whilst holding the position and during the reps

Split lunge

Another great way to maintain and increase muscular endurance and strength.

  • 4×30 second holds each leg
  • 4×15 reps each leg
  • Get back knee as close to the floor as possible without touching it
  • Don’t let front knee go too far over the toe


Excellent gym exercise to mirror the change of directing in sport.

  • 4×30 seconds work
  • Control the landing
  • Be explosive with your push offs
  • Try and increase distance to test yourself

Single leg knee tuck

Great for keeping those fast twitch muscle fibres firing and maintaining explosive power.

  • 4×10 each leg
  • Take your time after each rep
  • Be as explosive as possible
  • Control the landing

Our SPC Youth programme regularly incorporates these movements into the routines with the kids! We are currently running the SPC Youth programme online. Please click here for more details

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